Take These Lessons To Heart If You Want To Improve Your Mobile App Game

Are you familiar with user onboarding? Your mobile app is your home, while onboarding is that specific route that takes your guests to it. What if the route is too complex, and full of unnecessary details? How can you make user onboarding to a useful, pleasurable experience?

Highlight Core Features

Help your users understand the primary functionality of your mobile app. Highlight the core features through compelling call-to-action statements. Keep in mind that you don’t need to include a lot of details, just enough to spark user interest.

Make The Sign Up Process Convenient And Easy

It’s a better idea to always give people the choice to sign in to their existing social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook. But, remember that some people would want to sign up through their email address. Always take these options into consideration when in the app development phase.

Emphasize Your Value Proposition

Exciting functionalities and diverse features are cool, but showing people what they can actually do is more important. This is regarded as highlighting your business’ value proposition.

Keep It Fun And Quick

People wouldn’t love the idea of swiping through various screens before accomplishing their tasks. This, hence, is crucial to prioritize, and stick to important details. Don’t include unnecessary details that will freak users out, such as several numbers, text and illustrations.


In some circumstances, not all details can be explained through the app’s onboarding process. Though, it’s still important to implement onboarding to offer users additional resources.

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