It cannot be argued that you definitely have to get the services of a top hosting company to ensure that your website performs in its absolute best all the time. However, before even launching a website, you will have to register your domain name first. Heading to the domain registrar should only be done if you have already come up with a domain name. For some, doing this is quite easy as they are creative enough to come up with something unique and memorable. However, there are some that just have trouble doing the same thing. Today, I am going to focus on giving you some essential tips to help you choose the best possible domain name for your website.

Always Use the Extension

Before coming up with your website’s name, it is always important to remember that you should use the website extension over many others. Now, you might be given the advice that you should use one that is appropriate to the
type of website you’re going to put up (like using if you are running an online store, for example). Well, studies show that using the extension yields the best possible results and that is simply because it is the one that is used in so many websites, thus people are familiar with it.

Come Up with a ‘Brandable’ Name

Think of your domain name as your brand. What makes other companies’ names so memorable? The likes of Youtube, Google, and Facebook all have memorable names. Well, a ‘brandable’ name need not follow certain naming conventions (the three brands are not actually words that you can find on the dictionary). Aside from that, come up with a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. The easier the name to pronounce is, the better the memory retention would be. Catchy names are also what you consider as memorable, simply because our minds would often favor ones that are unique and different. For example, instead of using, use something like as a viable alternative.

Help Yourself by Using Domain Name Generators

Domain name generators are handy for people who have a hard time coming up with unique and memorable domain names.

Some of the tools that I can recommend is the business name generator by Shopify (for e-commerce websites), Nameboy and LeanDomainSearch for other things.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

In your quest to find the most perfect domain name, I am willing to bet that you are never going to come up with one. Striving for perfection is okay, but being a perfectionist about it is another thing.

Use Wayback Machine to Check the Domain History

It is possible that your chosen domain name was actually used before but was ultimately abandoned by the user. There is nothing wrong with this other than if the user utilized the name for illegal activities and such. Use the Wayback Machine to help you check your preferred domain name’s history (if any) to find out if the name was used before or not.

Choose a Trustworthy Registrar

A domain registrar is basically a company that helps you with registering your own domain name. Go with a reliable company so that the process is easy and straightforward.

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