Good or Bad?>Canned food is arguably the most sought food whenever in a pandemic as people will stock a pile of it at their home. However not everyone knows what are the effects of not storing it carefully, as they thought most canned food does not need to be refrigerated or stored in a warm place. However if stored correctly, they can last literally forever. So here are pros and cons of canned food, for you consumers out there.

Canned Food are Convenient

The best part of canned food is that the product is secured because it is sealed so it will not easily spoil. In fact, most of the canned food are affordable, thus making it the most wanted product by all range of people.

The Nutrients are Safely Preserved

Canned food is made from fresh products and is directly sealed, which means that the nutrients in the food are well-preserved. It makes the food still nutritious even if it is in a can. It is often treated and processed in order to minimize the nutrients that might be lost. However a study has proven that canned food is even more nutritious than some of the foods prepared at home.

Easy to Store

It is very obvious that canned food is very compatible. You can keep the food in a long period and it does not take up much storage space. It also does not need much care in terms of preserving it like wrapping it in aluminium, or needing to freeze it first. Just simply put it on the shelf (or refrigerator if instructed).

Cons of Canned Food

Even though canned food makes life easier, it still has consequences. One of the cons is canned food might contain a small amount of BPA. BPA or bisphenol-A is a chemical that’s often used in food packaging, including cans. It might be present if the process of canning is not done properly. However, factories that produce canned food are often inspected and visited by health inspectors to ensure they follow the procedures.

Nevertheless, it is acceptable if you are consuming the canned food under control. Just don’t over consume canned food because it might harm yourself. Always take the recommended amount of nutrition and not be dependent on canned food to survive(unless it’s all you have). As such, try to keep yourself healthy by buying fresh or organic foods online, or at your local store.

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