Let the lights set the right mood.

Add dimmers on your lights. Bright won’t always be right. Moreover, chandeliers and table lamps can bring plenty of style in a simple room. It’s time to replace those old light fixtures in your home’s main rooms!>

Make your bed your own sanctuary.

Making your bed every morning can be a chore. But, how can you make it hotel-like and luxurious? Look for fresh, plump white bedding at the nearest home goods stores. Then, layer two to three of accent pillows at the front. You can also change this seasonally.

Focus on bathroom design.

There are plenty of architecture firms that can help you with your bathroom design plans. But, the beauty of your bathroom is more than that. What home accessories can you incorporate to make it more appealing? Add beautifully folded towels, and other decorative items. Recreate that relaxing spa atmosphere!

Less is more.

In the world of interior design, less is always more. Too many objects on coffee tables, art pieces on walls and pillows on chairs would make an area feel cramped. Settle for statement pieces to give your bedroom a modern interior design look.

Try quirky tricks.

Look for unique furniture pieces, and make some “corner quirk moments.” For instance, a mid-century wooden chair with fur pelt draped over it can add some authenticity to a home design. You wouldn’t want your personal space to appear like a furniture set from your local showroom.

Scent matters a lot.

Don’t hesitate to splurge on quality scented candles. Scent is everything. Remember, if done right, lovely scents can make your room feel even more inviting and warm.

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