Are you thinking of spending your pregnancy months in Malaysia? Europe is wonderful, but of course, you would love to take a break in your hometown, and rest while waiting for the baby to come out. Do you know that having babies in Malaysia and Europe have major differences? Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city for pregnant women. In fact, there are plenty of baby clothes and baby shoes you can buy in Malaysia. There are also a vast range of pregnancy activities available, such as yoga classes, massage and baby fairs. If you deliver a baby in Europe, you need to look after the baby as soon as you recover. You need to feed, change diapers and nurse the kid as soon as possible. The thing is that, once you give birth, the nurses would take the baby, and bathe her on their own, away from you. You will miss your baby’s first ever bath! That is normal in Europe, though, most especially in the Netherlands. After taking a bath, the kid would be taken to the nursery. If you want her by your side, all you need to do is ask.

The Day After Giving Birth

In the Netherlands, you can get to your normal routine as soon as possible. A nurse will come to your house for 8 days, helping you with your newborn. This

Preparing for Birth

In Malaysia, they would tell you to go through relaxing massages during, as well as after pregnancy. You don’t even need to leave your house. Massage therapists with quality services can go anywhere you are. If you want to go for pregnancy yoga, there are many places in  Kuala Lumpur that can offers this. But, it’s always best to ask for doctor’s advice. Another pregnancy activity you can engage in in Malaysia is hypnobirthing. This is great in preparing and practicing natural birth. Well, even if you are not aiming for a natural birth method, you can still do this.

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