Breast Augmentation Revision 101: Implant Replacement or Implant Removal?

Breast implants are designed to be highly durable and safe. They are built to make patients happy, and to allow them to enjoy their enhanced assets for a long time.

However, in some circumstances, patients are not really satisfied with the current feel and look of their new breasts. Possible solutions to this problem are breast implant revision and removal procedures.

What is the most appropriate option for a patient? It depends on the nature of the issue, and the patient’s desired outcome.

In this list are the most common reasons why some people want to revise and remove their breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Complication: Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a complication that should immediately addressed. This means that there is a formation of a hardened capsule around the breast implant. The exact cause is unknown, but it is generally thought to be the response of the body to bacteria in the implant pocket.

The most effective solution to capsular contracture? Implant revision surgery. The affected implants should be removed, and the capsule scar tissue should also be surgically excised. Them, new implants can be placed.

Repositioning of the Breast Implants

Sometimes, breast implants aren’t positioned well, so support for the implants are decreased. Implants can shift in an undesirable way, negatively affecting the appearance and symmetry of the patient’s breasts.

As a solution to this, the implant pocket needs to be surgically reconstructed. The breast implant doctors may recommend reducing the implant size, and reconstructing a smaller pocket.

Address Symmetry Issues

As the patient’s body encounters significant changes or naturally ages, the breasts can have an asymmetrical appearance. At some point, unwanted symmetry differences may arise.

A solution for symmetry issues? Breast implant replacements is necessary to reinstate the even breast appearance.

A Change in Breast Size

It’s no secret that some breast augmentation patients would want to further change their breast sizes. Some would want smaller-sized breast implants after realizing that large ones no longer fit their lifestyle. In some circumstances, the patient may want to shift to larger implants.

For those patients who wish to have smaller breasts, the plastic surgeon may use the original incision areas for implant removal. For those who want to go larger, the pocket would be enlarged to insert a larger-sized breast implant.

To Address Breast Implant Rippling

Breast implant rippling happens when the edges of the implant become visible, or can be felt. To correct this, most plastic surgeons suggest a revision surgery. A silicone implant will be used, and placed under the muscle.

Most of the time, the incision areas that were used for the first breast augmentation procedure can be reused. However, the plastic surgeon may need to make another breast pocket. It should be located below a breast tissue or thicker muscle to better conceal the breast implant.

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