Some Commonly Used Rituals for Winning at the Casino

Ritual Winning at Casino

Back during the time of our ancestors, they usually perform rituals and ceremonial dances in the hopes of attracting the favor of the gods.

Although we do not really do ceremonial dances anymore, the fact still remains that we follow certain rituals and beliefs when we are pitted against a certain situation.

For instance, if we want to increase our luck when we play in the casino or at the online gambling malaysia, there are certain rituals that people follow before, during, and after the game because they believe that by doing so, the odds of them winning would increase.

Sure, you might call this as something that is just perceived, but there is no denying that the experience would be so much better if you do some rituals before games.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the most commonly used rituals for winning at the casino. If you are interested, do read further to find out what they are.

Some Commonly Used Rituals for Winning at the CasinoPre-Gambling Rituals

Gamblers would always find ways to make sure that their odds of winning would increase greatly.

There is this one woman who always prepares a specific meal before gambling. She said that whenever she eats that particular food (a ranch-style casserole), she would always win when she plays games at the casino.

There are also some instances where people rely on horoscopes. Before they gamble, they take a look at the daily horoscope and if their star signs align, then they would continue playing. If not, they would hold off until the horoscope states that they are good to go.

Lucky Charms

Have you ever heard of the popular ritual where people would attach a rabbit’s foot on the clothes that they wear just to increase their luck?

Another popular example would be to toss some coins on a fountain that is flowing with water. I remember one time that I also did that because my friends said that it would bring good luck. In some instances, I believe them because what I wished before did happen. However, there are also some other cases where it was just pure baloney.

In more religious countries, people would always pray before playing, asking their gods to bless them with good fortune. This is usually apparent in Asian countries, but I guess that faith does factor in when it comes to perceived (and even actual) good fortune.

Manipulating the Machine

aligncenter” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/pexels-photo-1581692-300×200.jpeg” alt=”Some Commonly Used Rituals for Winning at the Casino” width=”300″ height=”200″ />There are cases where people would either kiss, fondle, or even hug a particular gambling machine before playing. Some people would also try to vary the times of the day they play.

Sometimes, people would even press the “deal” button a certain number of times and there are also instances where people would try to talk to the machine as if to “convince” them to help them win.


Whether you believe in these rituals of good fortune or not, it is still up to you to play. You can follow whatever ritual you want and if you’re going to experience luck or not, it will probably depend if lady luck decides to smile at you that day.

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