1. Failure to take advantage of the casino’s rewards programs

If you love playing online casino games in Thailand, then maybe, you already know about this. In many casinos, players can earn points for almost everything. If you know how to take advantage of it, you can use them for hotel room upgrades, entertainment and dining. Failure to leverage on it is like turning down free cash.

2. Playing with credit cards and borrowed money

Playing with an amount of money you have borrowed from your family, or cash advances from your credit cards is a bad idea. You must only gamble in accordance to your current financial situation. Don’t ever risk the amount of money you can’t afford to lose. Always prioritize your rent, mortgage and other bills.

3. Picking the wrong game

You are not James Bond, and there is no way you will win one round of baccarat without breaking a sweat. If you are a beginner, chances are, you are not yet familiar with the rules and strategies of the games. Don’t forget to research extensively about the games you are interested in. Before risking money, and raising the stakes, you need to get comfortable with the entire game first.

4. Not knowing proper casino etiquette

Gambling was developed purely for entertainment. If you want to be a successful gambler someday, you must learn to have a good time. Don’t just think about profit and winning. Play well. Make friends inside the casino. Never take out your frustrations on the dealer and other players. Always stick to proper casino etiquette.

5. Getting overwhelmed and excited about all the slots

In Las Vegas, slot machines are everywhere, from the gas stations and grocery stores to airports. If you are the kind of individual who can’t resist the urge to use them all, then clearly, something is wrong with you. By learning how to discipline yourself, you can distance yourself from problem gambling.

6. Bluffing a lot while playing in poker

Beginners believe that the game of poker is all about winning and bluffing. Don’t do this. If you bluff all the time, other players would take advantage of you.

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