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Numerous services, similar to GoDaddy and BlueHost, will enable you to buy both an area and web facilitating. But since domain hosting and web hosting are two unique things, it’s conceivable you’ve obtained your area one spot and your web hosting somewhere else. If you want to have a site for your business, you need both hosting and a site. In case you’re not excessively acquainted with what hosting is, this info graphic clarifies it in entirely basic terms. Web hosting package change from modest shared facilitating plans to virtual private servers (VPS) to full dedicated servers, WordPress oversaw servers, and Cloud based servers. Having your site enlisted through one administration and your hosting in another service doesn’t affect your SEO, and where you have your site documents doesn’t directly matter either.

It does not allow your pages to load faster enough

The kind of facilitating your site is on could affect your SEO on the off chance that it doesn’t enable your pages to load quick enough. This generally occurs on the off chance that you get a shoddy, shared facilitating choices. You won’t get ideal burden time—and a moderate burden time is awful for your SEO and user experience.

It is not secure

The sort of server you buy (or facilitating your own site) can have security issues. What’s more, since web page security is a positioning component for Google’s pursuit calculation, unbound web facilitating could be awful for your site’s SEO.

Website downtime due to your hosting 

Your site hosting needs to offer enough data transmission for both page burden speed and server up time. If you maintain an independent company, you may be enticed to get the least expensive facilitating choice, which is ordinarily a shared hosting plan. In any case, if you have a responsive site or one with a great deal of pictures, you’re going to require more data transfer capacity and this choice is going to yield poor outcomes.

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