As men age, they tend to have less testosterone that they had when they were still young. According to medical science, men’s testosterone levels peak by the age of 25 and then it starts to decline by 1 percent or more per year come the age of 30 and above.

As men grow older, they can expect to have a slower production of quality sperm, erections may take longer to stabilize its definition, erections might not be well-maintained (such as the case of erectile dysfunction), ejaculation is seemingly harder, or in other words delaying ejaculation and sexual desire decreases as a result of emotional distress and hormonal imbalance.

Why Testosterone is Important

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. It can do a lot of things like improving your sexual performance, producing high-quality sperm, and so on.

As we age, our testosterone levels dip slower and slower- that is just a fact of life. When testosterone levels dip by a considerable degree, it may lead to problems with erection and ejaculation- which may often lead to anxiety and depression, as well as marital and relationship problems.

Even though men normally lose testosterone as they age, there are things that you can do in order for you to somehow impair this decline. You can do this through a combination of good health and a more active lifestyle.

Heart Disease May Impair Sexual Potency

Before you can understand why high blood pressure can affect erection, you have to first understand how erections come to be. When there is enough stimulus for a man to have an erection, there will be a surge of blood that will accumulate in the inner chambers of the penis. This blood flow will trigger the penis to be hard, therefore, it becomes erect and is ready for sexual intercourse.

That being said, high blood pressure can alter the blood flow towards the penis. This condition can make the arteries narrower- making it harder for the blood to flow in. This is also true if you have cardiovascular disease as well since your heart is not going to be efficient in pumping blood to the different areas of your body- as well as in your penis.
So, if anything, you want to make sure that you deal with hypertension to avoid any problems with erection, especially later on in life.

Does Diabetes Affect Erections?

People who suffer from Diabetes may also have trouble having and maintaining an erection. In fact, people with diabetes are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction much earlier than people who do not have such a condition.

Curbing or minimizing your intake of sugar can help if you have type-2 diabetes. If you have type-1 diabetes, you may want to consult with your doctor on what you can do about it.


Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by side effects of certain medications. Medicines that treat depression, diabetes, and blood pressure may affect your sex drive which, in turn, may affect your sexual performance.

If you’re having a hard time enjoying sex, may it be due to health complications and erectile dysfunction, the best thing that you can do is to consult your healthcare provider.


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